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An Act of Rebellion

May 20 2016
May 20 2016


I was listening to KQED-NPR this morning. As you would know, public radio is right in the middle of this year’s pledge campaign.

Izzy, a Senior in high school, called in to say that she was giving to the Pledge Campaign because she and her brother listen everyday, and her parents do not listen nor do they give. She said that she was “Giving as an act of rebellion.”

As you know, Christ Church is in the middle of her own pledge campaign. By now, through snail mail, email, website, liturgy, and Sunday announcements, you have heard that THIS Sunday, May 22, is our Pledge Sunday. Each of us that calls Christ Church “home” is bringing in a pledge card to demonstrate our giving intentions over this next ministry year.

Giving our money to church is an ACT OF REBELLION. We are rebelling against our own tendencies to live beyond or right up to our means. We are rebelling against dangerous vices like greed, pride, and envy. We are rebelling against a culture that might suggest giving to a church is “passe” or frivolous. We are rebelling against a culture that might suggest that the Good News of Jesus and the accompanying means of grace (Baptism and Communion) are no longer essential entities for building and sustaining a just and verdant society.

Would you join us in our ACT OF REBELLION?