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Tokyo Team Update

June 24 2017
June 24 2017

Dear Friends,

It has been about three weeks since we've been back from our short-term mission trip. We are slowly making our way to say thank you to each one of you in person. In meanwhile, we would like to share this awesome video we made during the trip.

Considering this was the first mission trip, we were very blessed by the way everything turned out. No injuries and no health issues! We had great turn outs at all the events (i.e., the singleness discussion, the game night, and the creation and evolution round-table), and we got to connect with many college students and young professionals. Grace Harbor Church staff told us that some of these discussion topics were new to them, and they fostered great conversations even after we left. We are hopeful that God used these opportunities to plant seeds in people's hearts.

As you may notice in the video, the lead pastor Seima Aoyagi's story made a big impression on us. He became a Christian as a college student in Japan when his friend, whom he respected, came along side him and encouraged him to learn about Jesus. Even though this was a life-changing, joyful event, he felt isolated from his family and friends when he announced that he believes in Christ. Seima said this is a common story for most Japanese Christians because only 0.2% of the population in Japan is Christian. Seima and Jon's vision for Grace Harbor Church is that the church would be a blessing to the city; a refuge for Christians experiencing persecution and a welcoming place for non-Christians to explore Christianity through community.

We ask that you would keep praying for Grace Harbor Church as they are currently looking for a full-time ministry staff to replace Atsushi Kabeya, who is heading off to seminary school in Nagoya in January. Please also be praying for Christ Church East Bay as we would be planning how may strengthen our partnership with Grace Harbor Church and other global partners in the coming months.

Thank you again for your support and prayers.

For Him,

Lina and the Tokyo Mission Team


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