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Meals Ministry

Some of Jesus’ most dramatic miracles involved meeting a basic need: to eat. And meals provide such a significant way to build relationships that we at Christ Church share bread and wine or juice every Sunday as part of the Lord’s Supper. Christ Church also provides meals to attendees and neighbors in our communities.

Through neighborhood parishes, we provide meals during specific seasons of need, such as the first few weeks after the birth or adoption of a child, recovery from major surgery, a recent move or bereavement.

How it works

Once someone at Christ Church knows you would like meals, we will usually connect with you someone in your neighborhood parish.

  • A designated meals coordinator from your neighborhood will contact you to get basic information (how many to cook for, when you would like meals, any allergies, foods you like).
  • The meals coordinator will create a registry on Meal Baby, which will notify you when people sign-up and send reminders to the meal provider.
  • We will try to provide four weeks of meals after a birth or adoption (typically three per week), two weeks after a surgery. Exact schedule will depend on your situation.
  • Meals sign-ups depend on volunteers. Once created, you can also share the registry with other friends who want to help.

Find your neighborhood parish

Meals are usually provided by Christ Church attendees who live near you. Contact your neighborhood parish leaders to request meals. Not connected to a neighborhood parish yet? Find the nearest one.

How to help

You don’t have to be a kitchen superstar to help out.

  • Volunteers can provide both home-cooked meals or takeout.
  • Drop the meal off, or coordinate with the recipient for delivery through a service like Spoonrocket, if appropriate.
  • Meals needs are usually shared in the online community network.
  • No commitment required - sign up as you’re able to help.

To learn more about this ministry, connect at


“The month of meals was SUCH an incredible blessing to us during that time.” — Rahime Ting

"Christ Church's meals took a real weight from our shoulders when my son was born." -JB Hogan