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(In)visible Power Causing (In)Visible Pain: The Burden of Systemic Racism in Our Cities

September 06 2017
September 06 2017


How is our perspective on racism in America affected by where we sit?

What might a civil rights movement look like today? In the Bay Area?

As Christians, how are we obliged to seek justice? And for whom?

These are big questions facing the church, the East Bay and our nation. Often time they can overwhelm us when we consider them individually, but in community we have great resources to consider and begin to work toward answers. One of the greatest of those resources are other people who help us to see our blind spots.

A group of ten Christ Churchers have been participating in a congregational cohort with other Christians throughout the East Bay tackling questions like these. Join them at Christ Church as they host activists and HandsUpUnited co-founders Rika and T-Dubb, in conversation with Ben McBride of PICO California, to discuss their experience in creating a community response to the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. It is a story deeply shaped by the persistence of individual, structural, and institutional racism.

Sometimes trends and truths are more visible when viewed from a vantage point different than our own. Ferguson is not the Bay Area — but by looking at it, we can more easily see the many ways in which our own communities are still burdened by racism.

In this community event, we will

  • hear firsthand from Rika and T-Dubb, two Saint Louis, MO residents-turned-organizers who used resilience, insight, and grace to turn a tragedy into a chance to build community and force the issue of systemic racism into the national consciousness,

  • hear stories and insights from local leaders of the Oakland Leadership Center

  • consider how Christians are called to confront injustice, and

  • learn about resources and ways to further justice in the Bay Area and Ferguson.

Date: Sunday, September 17, 2017

Time: 1:00-2:15pm

Location: 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley


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