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What does worship look like? Who is<br>Christ Church?

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Project Peace Day of Service

Saturday, November 8, 9:00AM - 12:00PM

A Day of Peace is an opportunity for people from very different backgrounds to come together simply to love and serve our shared community. Whether you are a friend, neighbor, colleague, someone who cares very deeply about the agency that is being served, or someone who just wants to make new friends, the Day of Peace is a great place for you to get connected into working towards more sustainable communities.
Christ Church parishes regularly serve together. contact your parish leaders to find out where your parish is serving!

To learn about our service sites on November 8th and sign up, click here.

Monthly Minute

November 2014

In this Monthly Minute, Christ Church's Pastor Jason Yum shares the top news at Christ Church in November 2014.

Need Care?

Loving One Another

The following are the simplest ways for our church to love one another, particularly in times of need:

  • Parishes
  • Small Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Meals
  • Pastoral Care
  • Diaconal Assistance 
  • Counseling Center

If you have a question, need, or concern please contact  

10/26/14 Sermon Discussion Questions

Jonathan St. Clair on 10/26/2014

Acts 8 - The church’s mission is to help outsiders interpret a book, discover a person, and receive a tattoo. 1. Interpret a book - “How can I understand the Scriptures unless someone teaches me?” (8:31). What is your plan over the next 6-12 months to receive teaching about the Bible? Who are the seekers in your life to whom God is sending you to discuss and interpret the meaning of Scripture?
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