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Christ Church Moms Group

Our Moms Group is a safe place for moms with kids of all ages to connect with one another and encourage each other to respond to God's call on our lives as women and mothers through Bible Study, sharing and prayer. Join us at one of our summer gatherings!

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June 2015

In this Monthly Minute, Church Planter in Residence Kyle Brooks shares the top news at Christ Church for June 2015.

Day of Service with Project Peace

Saturday, August 22, 9am-12pm

Come join us and serve at your choice of seven different schools throughout the East Bay! You can find out more and sign up at the bottom of the page here.

if you missed the Speakers' series this year, you can hear the long play video from Segregated: How Public Policies Segregated the East Bay and What We Can Do About It here.

6/21/2015 Sermon Discussion Questions & Follow-up (Oakland)

Patrick on 6/22/2015

At the benediction I mentioned that 'I needed to be in worship today with my brothers and sisters in Christ.' I needed the power of the Holy Spirit that shows up when God's people are gathered because facing evil, specifically the evil of racism has the potential to be soul crushing. Facing evil meant naming it as racism. It meant sitting with grief, pain and suffering. Facing the evil meant calling racism what it is, evil. Most of all facing evil meant bringing it to Jesus Christ crucified.
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