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Year-End Giving

We humbly ask you to consider giving a special year-end gift to Christ Church.

Christ Church has a passion to build God’s Kingdom in the East Bay, a Kingdom that Jesus himself described as a small and secret force: A treasure hidden in a field, the tiniest seed in the garden, wheat that grows amidst weeds, a pinch of yeast worked into dough, and a dash of salt on meat.

Year-End Giving
Thank you, Christ Church, for your generosity and faithful support of the work that we do together as a community of Christ! This year's December giving goal is the same as 2016 and 2015 actual giving. We hope to meet or exceed that amount.

December Giving Goal    $280,000
Received through 12/3 $ (27,000)
Remaining amount $253,000

We humbly ask that everyone who calls Christ Church their church home consider giving a special gift in December. Thank you!

Click here to read the December 2017 letter from Bart Garrett.

Give online at PayPal.com

Give by mail to 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA 94709

Ensure checks have your correct, current address typed or written on your check. If possible, consider giving via check or auto-pay (we do pay a fee on every online credit card transaction).

Gifts to Christ Church are tax deductible. (Christ Church is a subordinate of Evangelical Presbyterian Church which is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; TAX FEIN: 27-3051735).

You will receive a donation receipt in January of the new year.

Email questions to finance@christchurcheastbay.org

Why give?

The practice of gifts or tithes goes back to principles laid out in the Torah, the first five books of our Bible. God called His people to give the first and best part of each harvest as recognition that every good gift comes from God. These gifts supported worship in God’s house and also helped redistribute means within the community, to ensure no one was in need.

Christians today set apart the first day of each week, taking a “Sabbath” to worship God and offer regular financial gifts proportionate to overall income to fund the church’s mission of building God’s kingdom. Gifts to Christ Church help us build our community, love our neighbors, and work for peace and justice within the East Bay. If you’ve never tithed before, consider making a commitment to start somewhere, whether it’s 1% or 10% of your income.


Christ Church is committed to good stewardship of gifts and integrity in our finances. To ensure this, we follow four key practices:

  1. Maintain audit-ready books.
  2. Appoint a team of elders and members to oversee the budget.
  3. Publish the budget annually to members.
  4. Protect donor confidentiality.

Other ways to give


Set up automatic bill pay through your bank. Your bank will send Christ Church a check according to the amount and frequency of your choosing.


Some companies match employee contributions to the charity of your choice. Ask if they have such a program.

Stock or Mutual Funds

To donate stock or mutual funds, fill out this form and initiate the transfer through your broker using the information listed below.

Wells Fargo
Account Name: Christ Church
Account Number: 4286-5606
DTC #: 0141

Contact finance@christchurcheastbay.org or 510.644.4949 to ensure we are aware of your gift and provide you with an appropriate donation receipt.

Your Time

If you want to give, but do not currently have the means, consider serving on a ministry team or in another volunteer capacity. View ways to serve.

**If you would like to donate in support of one of our pastoral staff, you may do that via PayPal. Please not which pastor you are supporting.

6 Ways to Give

2. Mail your check to the church office

3. Give on Sundays

4. Auto-pay via your bank

5. Donate stocks/mutual funds

6. Employer-matching

You will receive a donation receipt in January of the new year.